Types of Retaining Walls and Why You Need Them

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Retaining walls come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Milestone Landscape Group offers free standing features, as well as retaining walls for cutting down on erosion and flooding. Our retaining walls may be used for an outdoor living area or its original function. We design all types of retaining walls and guarantee our work. Whatever your need, we have the answer. Many ask what a retaining wall does. Below are a few things retaining walls can do:

Restrain Soil (Especially on a Slope)

Helps with Erosion

Turns Slopes into a Beautiful Hardscape

Used for Freestanding Features

Retaining Walls

Milestone Landscape Group is excited to offer unique retaining walls to our list of services

If you live in the Medford, OR area and need a retaining wall, we are the only choice. We offer unique, yet functional designs for your home or business. Retaining walls may be built for a purpose, or just for looks. We use only the best in products for all our retaining walls. Our team is also certified, insured, and licensed to bring you the best in retaining wall design and installation. Our prices are the best in the area and our team has years of experience. For a one of a kind experience, give us a call today!

Designed Unique for You

Why are our retaining walls different from the rest?

Milestone Landscape Group offers many options and styles for your retaining walls. Who said brick walls had to be basic and ugly? Not us! Our team will design the perfect wall for your individual needs. May it be for looks or an actual function, our team uses only the best products available to build your retaining wall. Our goal is to design unique walls for the Medford and surrounding cities. If you are looking for something to hide a slope or to block off an outdoor living area, give us a call. We have many years in brick and block wall design and installation, and offer the most in variety and uniqueness.

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